A wholesale and family business specialized in pork meat,

This is Wilms Vlees B.V.

Who are we?

We are a meat wholesale aimed at the catering wholesale, industry, retail and export. Wilms Vlees B.V. is an acknowledged and reliable partner of all the big meat company’s in the Netherlands and Belgium. We specialize in pork meat and like to think along with our customers and be challenged by new ideas. Our strength is flexibility and putting our customers and quality first. We have an extensive fleet, which enables us to be flexible in our deliveries and times.

A family business.

Back in 1962, Gerard Wilms started a wholesale in fats and meats. Today, the fourth generation is working in the company. Over 60 years of experience and knowledge make Wilms Vlees B.V. a true specialist in pork meat. These days, Leon and Koen Jr. Wilms weekly produce 1 million kg of meat together with 50 employees.

Daily boned fresh.

In our cutting plant, we produce your products daily fresh on every desired cut. Our effort and knowledge ensures that we are able to deliver your meat according to your specifications.


What does the Better Life label (pork meat one star) mean?

– More space
– Better distraction against boredom
– The piglets are not castrated
– Shorter transportation time between farm and slaughterhouse

Wilms Vlees B.V. is certified for Better Life label pork meat one star. One star stands for regular farming with additional requirements to improve the most urgent animal welfare issues per animal species.

Do you want to know more about the Beter Life label? Have a look at their website
Quality and hygiene are highly valuated by us. Therefore, Wilms Vlees B.V. is certified voor BRC AA niveau.


Wilmsvlees B.V.

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